Green Energy

Green Energy Solutions

Photovoltaic Systems

  • Tender Evaluation Photovoltaic Systems
  • Design of Photovoltaic Systems Installation
  • Check and complete all necessary actions to obtain green energy loan from banks
  • Processing Contracts with all stakeholders (PPC, etc.)
  • Installing Photovoltaic Systems

Lighting LED

  • Providing Total Solutions LED lighting installation
  • Recording and premeditation replacement of conventional lamps with new LED technology
  • Undertake all necessary company integration actions in ESPA programs, in order to obtain subsidized amount replace old technology lamps with LED.
  • Flexible financing programs through partner banks and companies
  • Provide written warranty for three (3) to five (5) years

Advantages of LED lighting

  • Low energy consumption (electricity cost reduction)
  • Long life (50,000 hours) (Reduction of company operating costs)
  • Efficiency at 100% throughout the life of the lamp / panel
  • High Brightness level
  • Low heat emission
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly
  • No radiation emission
  • Programming automation in operation
  • Not affected by changing trends in power grid

The above characteristics

The above characteristics of lamps / Panel LED offer companies:

  • Reduction in monthly electricity costs (reduction in cost can range from 35% to 70%,  offering the same level and better lighting)
  • Reduction in operating costs of the company because of the written warranty    replacement of lamps and lighting LED Panel
  • High level of function and performance of the company’s executives in a friendly, bright and healthy environment.

Electricity Management Systems

  • Saving energy (applying systems, policies and plans of operation of appliances and    equipment company)
  • Reducing energy costs (reduction in the operating costs of the business)
  • Recording the company’s energy footprint. (Measurement emission CO2)


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