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For many centuries in many regions of the world, wood has been the most widely used building material. The technical specifications of wood have kept it highly competitive when compared to other building materials. Along with advances in technology and reliable forms of industrial wood, it has become possible to fully exploit the possibilities of this material.

No other building material can be compared with the warmth and harmony that wood provides or used as a frame and as a building material for roofs and floors.

It is a living material which shares our living space but nonetheless requires our care for its maintenance like any living organism.



For the construction of wooden houses only various types of solid logs and sturdy pine (red-hearted pine) are used and in various dimensions. Round trunks, square, and laminated, appropriately treated, creating a healthy living environment. The extreme growth of pine in the Arctic Circle contributes to the durability of logs in cold and heat, and adds to its life for many centuries


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