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Wooden structures have remained unchanged for many centuries. Evidence of this can be seen worldwide through the many wooden houses, namely log houses, which have been built. Timber by nature has an extremely high resistance to environmental index influences



Fire and earthquake

Wooden houses made of a particular pine – compact, hard, with billions of cells that allow the continuous renewal of air – are, according to studies and tests of fire resistance by European Union University laboratories, designated as a fireproof building material.

The mechanical properties of compressed wood, bending and strong movements due to earth shifting make these homes safe and earthquake resistant. The particular mode of wall construction from whole trunks, the robustness of the construction and assembly make the perfect connection and have resulted in the high strength of these houses in case of earthquakes.

 Insulation – Waterproof

In the forests of Finland, where the weather is usually extreme, trees grow very slowly resulting in tree logs getting tough and solid. In wooden houses, logs even after several decades, are still as compact as they were on their first day. Moreover, walls have maximum thermal and thermo capacity, due to their material, their thickness and their integral construction.

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