The Wooden Finnish House

Finnish log house construction started many centuries ago. Initially there was a need for the construction of a permanent and organized residence. The beginning of construction was very simple with almost raw logs and simple connections. It was subsequently evolved into well-formed rectangular or round logs with notches for a sturdy connection. After further technological advances it was possible to sculpt and utilize logs, leading to the formation of a wide variety of processed material and the feasibility of many different cottages. New regulations and regulatory standards of production materials and design of timber structures made the wood fair and competitive compared against other building materials.


Trees for the construction of wooden houses are grown in the forests of Finland with the sole aim of logging. The annual development of trees (growing season), usually begins in spring and is accelerated by shifting weather patterns. Arctic trees, due to slow weather changes, grow slowly, and do not have distortions providing them with solid wood feature. For the same reason, the wood from these trees have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties, high mechanical compression strength and bend and slow combustion. All logs come from trees aged 80-120 years, forests sustainable development specifically intended for that purpose, without being irrational and without arbitrary logging.


An important factor in the final product is the appropriate treatment of wood in order of durability and treatment with a view to perfect their application in the construction phase of the wooden house. That is why Finnish homes withstand adverse weather conditions and keep in perfect condition for hundreds of years.


Expertise and technology leadership in the construction of cottages developed in Finland is unique. Finnish houses (Log Homes) are made of whole pine logs, which after the appropriate processing, are round or square full body, and may have a round shank square section internally or externally. Here are the main types of wooden Finnish homes.

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